Key FoodsKey Food Store is one of the leading grocery stores in America. The company has been on the move to increase their coverage and number of stores they have in the country. Their most recent move involved opening new stores in Queens and Staten Island, New York. The company has also gone ahead to establish four grocery stores in Brooklyn. With this kind of growth, the company expects to provide some competition to some of the major brands in grocery stores around the area.

There was a ribbon cutting ceremony recently to mark the opening of two new stores in the Long Beach section of Queens. Both of these stores were previously operated under a different brand name. One of the stores located in West Beach was formerly called the Associated Supermarket. The owners of both of the stores that were acquired are said to have joined the Key Foods company back at the start of the year.

According to the leaders at Key Foods, they felt that they needed to establish a store in the area because they felt that the people in the region deserve to have the best convenience supermarkets that provide good quality service and products at affordable prices. The area was most recently hit by hurricane Sandy and is still trying to rebuild after the massive destruction that was witnessed in the region. The people have the zeal and commitment to grow economically and slowly, but steadily, improve the economy of the region. The company hopes to play a central and key part of this development.