kit katKit Kat is the brand name for chocolate crisp candy bar manufactured by Nestle.

In the year 1935, in southeast London, a four-finger wafer crisp was launched. The product, which later came to be known as the famous Kit Kat, was at that particular point referred to “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp.” The transformation of the name of the wafer crisp took place after World War II and most persons tend to believe that the famous Kit Kat Club, which existed in the 1920s, influenced this name transition.

Kit Kat crisp immediately became popular in the market and two years after their launch, it became the leading product for Rowntree of York; it has maintained this position since then. Studies have shown that over 150 bars of Kit Kat are being consumed every second all over the world. Kit Kat was originally wrapped in red and white wrappers, however this changed to a blue wrapper, albeit not for long.

There are different types of Kit Kat with the four finger, fine black the leading popular brand for those who adore dark chocolate. It contains cocoa beans and is perfectly packed to ensure that the freshness lasts. The two finger package, which is the other popular brand of Kit Kat, has been perfectly received in the United States as the most favorite brand. There are different variants of these and they range from milk, orange, mint and the most recently dark and white two fingers chocolate. The most notable success stories of the brands would perhaps be Kit Kat chunky, which registered an all-time high sale of over 73 million.

The Nestle Company purchased Kit Kat from Roundtree in 1988 and produces it worldwide, with the exception of the United States. In the U.S., the product is produced and distributed under contract by Hershey’s.

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