Land O’Lakes Inc. is considered one of the leaders in a large number of fields, the most widely known being the popular Land O Lakes® butter and deli cheese products.

Land O’Lakes Inc. was founded in 1921 and since its founding has been owned and directed by its members. The creation of the Land O’Lakes cooperative sprung from the desire to realize the members’ ideas in producing butter.

During the 1920s, most of the butter that was produced was made from sour cream and was sold in barrels or tubs. The Land O’Lakes cooperative implemented their system of making butter from sweet, fresh cream. Afterwards, the cooperative sold it per pound and as individually packed sticks. This new system became a hit with consumers and became a standard of quality for other dairy product companies to follow. Currently, Land O Lakes® butter and deli cheese products are considered to be the leading dairy food products in the country.

In 1981, the company’s international development division implemented its plans to share its knowledge on dairy, livestock and crop production to others who were situated in some of the poorest countries. The company also shared its co-operative principles and business skills with the purpose of creating sustainable prosperity in terms of their economy. Ultimately, Land O’Lakes’ cooperative aimed to improve the quality of life for these financially challenged people.

Over the years, the cooperative company has continued its success in the dairy products industry and has even diversified its operations to other fields, as well, including livestock feed marketing, farm seed distribution and marketing, strategic consulting and talent placement and management.

Currently, Land O’Lakes Inc. is ranked second in terms of being the largest cooperative companies in the country. It currently serves over 300,000 producers of agricultural products. The company handles billions of gallons of milk every year, producing an overabundance of dairy products. Land O’Lakes Inc. has also become a trusted partner to a number of the country’s top food manufacturers and food companies. Its operation has also expanded to all of the states in the country, as well as in 50 other countries worldwide. The company is also currently a part of Fortune 250 companies, earning more than $12 billion annually.

Headquarters:  Arden Hills, Minnesota
Ownership Type: Private
No. of Employees: 9,000 (2010)
Geography: USA and in 50 other countries
Demography: All types of consumers

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