foodsafetyA recent survey has shown that consumers are now giving the matter of food safety the attention that it deserves. Results of the survey suggests that consumers are taking the matter of food safety into their own hands.

According to a report titled “U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends,” half of the respondents who were surveyed answered that they are responsible for keeping their food safe and healthy. The report, published by the Food Marketing Institute, also showed that 90% of shoppers feel confident that their grocery stores ensure that what they display on their grocery shelves are safe and healthy.

According to the report, Americans feel most secure about food safety when they buy American-made food items. In fact, 97% of people who were surveyed believe that foods grown and manufactured in the country are more safe than imported ones. Meanwhile, only a few people answered that they purchase food without concern for food safety.

Also included in the results of the survey is the fact that more and more people believe that they are responsible for making sure that the food they serve is healthy and nutritious. This just goes to show that consumers are now taking more steps to prioritize health in relation to food.

A somewhat negative result that the survey obtained stated that when it came to breaches in food safety, consumers point out food manufacturers as being the responsible party. This could be due to the many recall activities initiated by food manufacturers because of food safety concerns in their products.