Lawtons Drugs CanadaLawtons Drugs is a subsidiary of Sobeys Inc. a Canadian national grocery retailer operating known banners such as Sobeys, Safeway, IGA, Foodland, FreshCo and Price Chopper. Sobeys core values are clearly reflected by Lawtons Drugs and have played a fundamental role in shaping the company over the last one hundred years.


The history of Lawtons Drugs dates back to 1886 when the company started as a small-sized pharmacy. Since its inception in Newfoundland, the company has grown both in size and in annual revenue and sales. It has continually shown commitment to its workers, integrity and the urge to exceed customer expectations. It has shown excellence in terms of service, product selection, and value. Currently, the company has more than eighty locations spread across Atlantic Canada and has plans of expanding further in the future. Sobeys acquired Lawtons Drugs store chain in 1996.

More than fifty percent of the Lawtons Drugs stores are based in Nova Scotia. The average size of land covered by company stores is nine thousand feet squared. It is essential to acknowledge the fact that Lawtons Drugs offers its services via its profile programs as a means of complementing customer prescriptions and helping them manage the health care and medication needs of their families. The company is associated with beauty, health care, giftware and convenience products that meet the needs of individual consumers. The year 2004 saw the introduction of a new company logo with dropping of the word “Drugs” from the company name. Rob Sobeys of Sobeys Inc. is the company’s CEO.


Company headquarters: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Number of Store locations: More than 80

Geography: Atlantic Canada, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick

Demography: Value shoppers


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