Warabeya USA, Incorporated, a Hawaii-based food company, has announced a recall of its ready-to-eat or convenience meals on July 6. The recall was made because of a possible Listeria contamination in the products.

The problem was discovered through a microbiological testing done by the FSIS. The contamination may have originated from contact of the convenience meals with a food scale pan (cross-contamination). About 1,550 lbs. of ready-to-eat meals were recalled because of this possible bacterial contamination.

“Best-by” dates and time indicated on the recalled packs is “06-30-11, 11:30 AM.” Either “P-12444” or “EST. 12444” is also indicated on the recalled packed meals. This alpha-numeric code is printed inside the USDA inspection seal. The recalled convenience meals were made on the 28th of June and distributed to several retail stores in Hawaii.

The following information pertains to the recalled convenience meals:

Product description                       –                   Net weight                  –                  Brand
(Bento) Fried Chicken                          –                    10.3 ounces                  –                 7-Eleven
(Bento) Teriyaki Chicken                    –                       11 ounces                    –                 7-Eleven
Scramble Bowl                                        –                        10 ounce                     –                 7-Eleven
Big Bento                                                   –                    17.75 ounces                –                 7-Eleven
Snack Pack Little Smokies                  –                     7.25 ounces                 –                 7-Eleven

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacterium that causes Listeriosis. This type of disease is not common but is potentially fatal, especially to the elderly, to children and to those who already have existing medical conditions. Symptoms of this disease include severe headache, high fever, nausea and stiffness of the neck. In pregnant women, Listeriosis can cause stillbirths or miscarriages.

At the time of the recall, no incidents of Listeriosis related to the products have been reported. For inquiries regarding this recall, consumers may call 808-836-4742, and ask for Monette Lastino, the company’s division manager.