Lowes FoodsAccording to the most recent reports from Lowes Foods, the company was able to surpass their initial goal of selling at least 10% local produce in their market. There has been more emphasis on encouraging the farmers in the region to provide more produce. This is because of the emphasis on fresh produce by consumers. Fresh food contains more nutritional content when compared to the processed and manufactured alternatives. This move to encourage fresh produce has been aimed at encouraging the consumption of these types of foods in the market.

Lowes Food managed to get 20% of their produce from the farms within the state between the months of May and August last year. This came in as a big boost to the 10% initiative because it proved that this feat is achievable. The company has been able to maintain the percentage within this margin ever since.

The 10% initiative was established in partnership with the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, North Carolina A&T University, and the North Carolina State University in conjunction with the North Carolina Department of Consumer Service and Agriculture. The campaign’s main objective was to encourage more people around the region to increase their spending on locally grown and produced groceries. The initiative had an economic advantage in that this money and cost that was used to purchase the locally produced groceries will remain in the respective states. This will allow for increased development from within the states. It was estimated each state will be able to keep at least $3.5 million within the economy of the state. This is a big economic boost.