Lowes_Foods_Asheboro,_NC_(8399876103)Lowes Foods, a supermarket chain, is located in North Carolina. Currently, the company is linked to more than 100 stores spread across South Carolina, Virginia and North Carolina. Everything the company does in designed in such a way that the most appealing and the freshest products are offered to customers.


Lowes Foods was started in the year 1954 as one store situated in North Wilkesboro. Since its inception, the store has grown and expanded into a chain of supermarkets that operate in South Carolina, Virginia and North Carolina. A rapid growth of the company was witnessed from 1960s through to the early 1980s. An expansion program that was started in 1986 led to establishment of 19 stores within a span of four years. In 2000, the company bought thirteen stores of Hannaford. Currently, Lowes Foods, has at least one hundred stores and is still expanding. A notable aspect about the company is its dedication towards customer service. The stores are a true reflection of various desires and needs of customers from different areas. There is continual update of the products, stores and services meant to meet the evolving customer needs. FreshSmart stores were introduced by Lowes Foods in the 1990s, and they emphasize fresh produce and customer service. The company has an employees’ team that is dedicated towards offering services that maker customers’ life easier.


Headquarters: 1381 Old Mill Circle, Ste. 200 Winston Salem, NC

Ownership: Public Company

Number of stores: More than 100 stores

Geography: South Carolina, Virginia, and North Carolina

No. of employees: 197, 500 employees

Annual Revenue: 48.815B dollars

Demographics: Value shoppers, organic and green shoppers

Special services: Fuel stations


Lowes Foods has stores called just $ave, meant for budget-conscious consumers

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