Malt-O-Meal Company Malt-O-Meal Company is a food processing company manufacturing breakfast cereals and is based in Minnesota, USA. The company had been in the industry for 75 years and is the 5th largest cereal producing company.

The history of Malt-O-Meal Company traces back to 1919, when John .S. Campbell founded the Campbell Cereal Company in Owatonna, Minnesota. He named his product Malt-O-Meal, a cooked hot cereal was a combination of toasted wheat and malt meal. He supplied his products to Iowa and Minnesota. In 1925, Campbell advertised his product on the radio and set up a game for kids. With this, the product became very popular. Campbell relocated the factory to Simpson Mill, which was owned by his father. In 1927, the company was again moved to Ames Mill in Northfield, Minnesota. In 1936, Minneapolis became the headquarters of the company. Also, Campbell expanded his business to Texas.

In 1939, the Campbell Cereal Company introduced Campbell’s Corn Flakes, but was discontinued in 1942. In 1953 the company name was officially changed to Malt-O-Meal Company. The sales of Malt-O-Meal cereals reached its peak by 1958. Two years later, the company introduced Malt-O-Meal in chocolate flavor. It also acquired the Carnation Creamery manufacturing plant. In 1966, Glenn .S. Brooks, Campbell’s son in law was elected as the President of the company. It also introduced the State Fair puffed rice and puffed wheat. The company acquired Pophitt Cereals, Inc. in 1970. In 1975, it introduced Cheerios. The company also extended its product line by adding private labels. In 1980, Sugar Puffs was introduced and the sales of the company increased.

During the 1980s, the company introduced more brands to the market. In 1986, it built a distribution center in Northfield. By 1988, the revenue of the company reached $77 million and by1991, it reached $137 million. In 1993, they built another distribution center in Salt Lake City. In the next 2 years, it started new distribution centers in Ohio and Texas. In 2002, the company acquired the U.S. division of Quaker Oats. It also opened a new manufacturing plant in Tremonton, Utah.

Company headquarters: 80 South 8th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.
Ownership: Private
No. of Manufacturing Plants: 6; Minneapolis, Lakeville and Northfield in Minnesota; Tremonton, Utah; Asheboro, North Carolina; St. Ansgar, Iowa.
No. of Distribution Centers: 6; 2 in Northfield, Minnesota; Salt Lake City, Utah; Portland, Tennessee.
Annual Revenue: $520 million
No of Employees: 1,000
Geography: North America
Demography: Natural and Organic

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