Maxi is a chain of grocery stores that is based and operating in Quebec, Canada. The grocery store chain is a subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Ltd.

Maxi opened its first grocery store in the area of Quebec in 1984. The store was founded by Provigo and opened in spaces that were previously occupied by Kmart. The Maxi banner and the grocery store were created with the purpose of becoming one of the most reasonably priced food retailers in Quebec. From the 1980s to the early part of the 1990s, Maxi stores used an elephant mascot on its leaflets, as an effort to emulate its then sister chain Heritage, which used a kangaroo as its mascot.

By 1996, Maxi stores were so popular that the management did not feel the need for giving out leaflets to prospective customers. However, they realised that the discount leaflets contributed to the stores’ popularity and management decided to reinstate use of the leaflets distribution.

In the same year, Maxi & Co. also started operating in Quebec. Both Maxi and Maxi & Co. stores do not have sophisticated decors, or contests, like most supermarkets have. What the stores do have are the lowest prices possible. Maxi prefers the simple, yet straightforward approach when it comes to offering its products and serving its customers. For instance, Maxi stores do not offer membership cards, no clip-out coupons and no product specials. What they offer are unbeatable prices with good quality and variety. Because of this straightforward approach, Maxi stores have been considered the “No Frills” store in Quebec.

Maxi stores offer a wide range of fresh produce, an abundance of vegetables and fruits. A number of popular and favourite brands can also be found at the stores. President’s choice and no name products are also sold at the stores, goods that offer more value for less money.

Other non-food goods sold at Maxi stores include appliances, toys, cookware, children’s clothing, perfumes, seasonal items and more. Today, there are about 96 Maxi stores and 16 Maxi & Co. stores throughout Quebec. Even with this number, the company continues to expand and improve its stores in order to better serve consumers. Maxi has become Loblaws’ largest grocery store chain inQuebec.

Headquarters: Brampton, Ontario
Ownership Type: A subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Ltd
Employees: About 7,000
Demography: Retail products consumers

Maxi, Maxi & Cie

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