McCormick & Company, Inc McCormick and Company Incorporated is engaged in the production, distribution and marketing of seasonings, spices, flavorings and specialty foods. It is one of the world’s leading competitors in the food processing industry, specifically in the production of spices and flavorings.

The company was founded in 1889 by Willoughby M. McCormick in Baltimore, Maryland. The first products that it sold were flavoring extracts, juices, fruit syrups and root beer. These products were sold under the “Silver Medal” and “Bee Brand” trademarks; “Uncle Sam’s Nerve & Bone Liniment” and “Iron Glue.” Originally, these first products were sold door-to-door style.

In 1896, McCormick purchased the FG Emmett Spice Company in Philadelphia and shipped all of its machinery to Baltimore in preparation for McCormick’s entry into the spice production area. In 1900, McCormick opened its export office in New York City, and soon after the company started exporting products to South America, Central America, East Indies, West Indies, South Africa and Europe. By 1902, the “Banquet Brand” was created for mustard and spices and by 1903 the company gained a reputation as a production chemist, spice and drug millers, as well as importers and exporters. In 1904, The Company suffered a blow when they lost all records as well as material assets in a fire in Baltimore. However, the company was able to rise above it as it built and completed a new building on the same site just 10 months after the fire.

By 1905, “Bee Brand” tea became an addition to McCormick’s product line and in 1910 the company became the first to introduce the concept of tea bags, or ground tealeaves packed in gauze pouches. By 1926, McCormick stocks were opened to wholesale grocers.

In 1947, McCormick bought A. Schilling and Company which was a spice, coffee and extract house. This buyout allowed McCormick to start its coast-to-coast distribution in the United States. The following years were witness to several buyouts made by McCormick which led to the company’s major expansion.

In 2010, McCormick has been included in the 13th Annual 100 Best Companies to Work For. The list was created by Forbes 100 Magazine. In the same year, McCormick has also acquired a minority share (26%) of Eastern Condiments Private Limited, an Indian based seasoning and spice leader, for $35 million.

Company headquarter address: Sparks, Maryland
Ownership: Public
No of Employees: more than 7,500
Geography: North America, Europe
Demography: quality shoppers, organic shoppers

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