Meaty Eats is a Canadian meat retail company headquartered in Ontario,Canada. The company’s products include different varieties of sausages, steaks, chorizo, beef, pork, chicken, veal and turkey.

Joanne Girimonte and Osvaldo Girimonte founded Meaty Eats over twenty five years ago. The founders of the company started the business believing that consumers should be able to have access to food that is reliable, great tasting, and healthy. Osvaldo and Joanne believed that this kind of food should not be treated as a privilege, but as every person’s human right.

A subsidiary of food manufacturing company Meaty Meats Inc., Meaty Eats was created with the mission of “making the world a better place a meal at a time.” The business is a direct-to-market store that offers consumers ready-to-eat, ready-to-cook meat products. This retail store also offers complimentary products to make every meal complete.

As a business that has a direct connection to Meaty Meats, Meaty Eats has exclusive rights to distribute or sell Mighty Meats’ unique and delectable natural meat products. All the meat products that are sold in Mighty Eats are all-natural, so consumers will be assured that what they have on their plate has not been added with artificial preservatives or other additives.

Mighty Eats’ success as a food retail business can be attributed largely to the many practices that the business implements. Mighty Eats chooses to use only local ingredients for their prepared products. The company takes positive steps in order to maintain its food supply’s integrity including preferring the ‘slow food preparation’ option instead of the usual time-saving food preparation methods (such deep-frying or microwaving). Mighty Eats also prefers creating food products that are made only from meat that is free from antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products. These naturally grown animals are usually supplied by small farms in Canada. Mighty Eats processes different kinds of meat, from beef to turkey, all being all-natural.

As part of its commitment to the environment, Mighty Eats makes sure to monitor its carbon footprint and uses only biodegradable packaging and other earth-friendly methods in its food preparation processes.

Ownership Type: Private, a subsidiary of Meaty Meats, Inc.
Employees: Information not available
Demography:  Foodservice operators, retail food consumers

Meaty Meats

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