Meissen-teacup_pinkrose01The newest medical research revolves around finding the probable healing capabilities of tea. For instance, some current research studies have shown that drinking tea helps in preventing a number of diseases ranging from Parkinson’s disease to cavities. Experts believe that the benefits of tea extend throughout the body. Some of the medical conditions that may be managed or prevented by drinking tea will be presented below.

Bone Density

Research studies have shown that drinking tea on a regular basis for several years may lead to stronger bones. People who drink tea regularly for ten or more years have a bone mineral density that is higher compared to those who do not drink tea. The density is especially high in the spine.


Research has also shown that extracts of green tea inhibit the growth and progression of cancer cells in the bladder. Other studies have led to the finding that drinking tea helps in the prevention of esophageal and stomach cancers. Researchers have asserted that tea contains polyphenols that play the role of inhibiting specific mechanisms promoting cancer growth. Both black and green tea have been thought to have cancer-inhibiting capabilities.


Additionally, research shows that older women who drink tea have a sixty percent lesser chance of developing rheumatoid arthritis in comparison to those who do not.

People who drink tea on a regular basis may also boost their fight against cold and flu. According to a study presented in the Circulation journal, drinking at least two cups of tea daily minimized heart attack risk. Therefore, the risk of death may be decreased by almost 66 percent by drinking just two cups of black tea a day.