Connecticut-based company Pepperidge Farm has expanded its iconic Milano cookie family with the introduction of new Milano Melts, a fun, smooth twist on the classic cookie-and-dark-chocolate combination that has remained popular with consumers since the cookie’s creation 60 years ago. Varieties of this new cookie include “Dark Classic Crème”, “Chocolate Dark Classic Crème” and “Chocolate Crème”.

All three flavor variations of Milano Melts offer a sweet escape experience, due to their fresh combination of velvety chocolate filling encased in crispy cookies. “Dark Classic Crème” cookies feature a golden, crisp cookie filled with a rich, dark chocolate crème, while the “Chocolate Dark Classic Crème” variety combines a chocolate cookie exterior with a decadent dark chocolate crème filling. The “Chocolate Crème” cookies house a lighter milk chocolate crème in a golden cookie shell. Whatever the flavor, cookie enthusiasts are sure to feel their worries melt away with each bite of these rich, dual-textured treats.

According to Suzanne Goodrich, Business Director at Pepperidge Farm, the traditional Milano cookie has undergone a series of flavor evolutions over the years, as the classic cookie-and-chocolate foundation has been partnered with flavors such as mint, orange, raspberry and, most recently, strawberry, to create an assortment of tempting varieties. This evolution continues with the creation of Milano Melts cookies, Goodrich added, which offer a twist on the classic combo that cookie enthusiasts will definitely enjoy.

New Milano Melts from Pepperidge Farm are now available in the market with a retail price of $3.49 per pack.