Mission Foods is a US-based company that has operations in different parts of the country, including  the United Kingdom and Europe. The company is engaged in the production of consumer packed goods.


A subsidiary of Gruma Corporation, Mission Foods was founded in 1977. It was originally created as a brand for a line of Maseca tortillas in America. In 1982, Mission Foods had its first manufacturing plant in Dallas, Texas.

In 1997, Mission Foods was introduced in Europe. Three years later, the company completed its first facility in the United Kingdom. This has allowed the company to increase its product distribution significantly. It has also allowed Mission Foods to provide customers with tailor-made solutions.

In the succeeding years, Mission Foods continued its expansion of operations in Europe by acquiring production facilities, for instance, the Roermond facility in The Netherlands (completed in 2004), the Ceggia Facility in Italy(also completed in 2004) and the Seaham facility in the UK (completed in 2006). These facilities allow Mission Foods to create flat breads that are sold in the European market.

Over the years, Mission Foods brand became a sponsor of a non-profit organization called the Healthy Kids Challenge, or HKC. This organization is led by licensed, registered dieticians, who have made it their job to guide community organizations, businesses and schools in coming up with solutions for families and kids to enjoy healthy living. These solutions are composed of healthy recipes and physical activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Currently, Mission Foods is giving more of its focus to the production and improvement of its flat bread products. The company believes that this type of bread is a great alternative to traditional sandwiches. Because of its dedication to this relatively new product, Mission Foods has become one of the leading manufacturers of flat breads in all of the UK. Aside from this product, Mission Foods continues to produce its popular tortilla chips, specialty breads and wraps. The company also supplies retail bread manufacturers and foodservice operators with a variety of sandwich products.

Mission Foods Europe continues to work on achieving its vision, which is to become a leader in innovation when it comes to flat bread products. In the coming years, the company will continue its expansion and growth by creating innovative products and implementing selective acquisitions, as it has done in the past years.

Headquarters: London,United Kingdom
Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Gruma Corporation
Employees: over 5,700 (worldwide)
Geography: USA,UK
Demography: retail food products consumers, foodservice operators
MissionFoods Customer Care: T+44(0)24 76 710 778



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