It seems that mail, not the electronic type, still plays a big role in today’s society. This is especially true for coupon clipping individuals who receive their regular supply of coupons from the mail.

A recent Scarborough study showed that postcards, envelopes and brochures are still found useful by a number of households in the United States.

Since coupon usage began to increase in 2006, the numbers of people who have subscribed to companies’ mailing lists have increased, as well. Asking to be included in the company’s mailing list is a way for these consumers to receive updates about new products or service deals, as well as receive their regular supply of coupons.

Facts have shown that people who use coupons for their shopping activities use coupons that come from the mail. Although the leading source of paper coupons are still those that are found in newspaper inserts, the mailing list is a source that is not lagging behind.

In addition, despite the growing popularity of coupons that are sourced online, more people are still relying on the mail to receive their supply of coupons. According to Brian Condon who is executive vice president for Scarborough Research, it will not be long when more and more people turn to the Internet when hunting for coupons, aside from clipping them from newspapers and waiting for them in the mail. This is because consumers nowadays are continuing to find more and more ways to make coupon collecting more convenient and to find the best deals.