Eating raw food is not a new thing, especially in countries in Asia where most meals are not cooked in any way. Though an uncommon practice in a number of countries, eating raw foods actually has a number of benefits to the body.

The Body is Able to Obtain the Food’s Full Nutritional Content

Because cooking destroys some of the food’s natural minerals and vitamins, what the body gets from it are those nutrients that have not been destroyed by cooking. For instance, broccoli has some cancer-fighting compounds known as sulporaphanes. These compounds however, are greatly diminished when broccoli is cooked. Other nutrients like folate and vitamin C are also destroyed by heat.

It is also said that enzymes become denatured when food is cooked. Because enzymes are very important in helping the body digest food, most of the time the body misses out on this very helpful function.

Raw Foods Help the Body Lose Weight

Because raw foods have a very good balance between fiber, water and nutrients, the body is provided with the necessary elements needed to create energy without having to eat too much food. Consistently eating raw foods allows one to reduce the amount of food intake, which ultimately results to a loss in weight.

Better Skin Quality

It also said that raw foods may slow the body’s process of aging, and helps one achieve clearer skin. The nutrients that are contained in raw foods help detoxify the body and flush toxins out. This leads to the body having a revitalized and rejuvenated phase that shows in a person’s glowing and clear complexion. Having clear skin that glows is what makes a person look younger.

Raw foods also reduce inflammation, as it has relatively little end products of glycation. Glycation is a process of sugar molecules attaching to lipids or proteins without being moderated by enzymes, forming advanced-glycation end products or AGEs.

Lower Possibility of Developing Diseases

A diet of raw foods has less saturated fat and trans fatty acids when compared to the usual Western diet. Raw foods are also lower in sodium content and high in magnesium, fiber, potassium, folate, vitamin A and antioxidants. These vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are linked to having a lower risk of developing heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Also, raw foods are thought to have a good balance of acids and alkalines. Having too much acid in the body is a possible cause of some diseases. Raw foods are not acid-forming foods.