New Jersey-based Nestlé Health Science has just launched what it calls the new generation of Boost Nutritional Drinks. This new generation nutritional beverage boasts an enhanced bottle design and a new look.

The new Boost Nutritional Drink has a bottle that is lightweight and grip-friendly. It also has a top that does not need any foil and is easy to open. As for the drink itself, the new Boost offers a new taste, and contains 10 grams of protein, as well as 26 important vitamins and minerals.

Nowadays, not getting enough nutrients is common, especially in adults who are much too busy to think about eating healthy or having a healthy diet. Added to that is the decreasing appetite and the changing taste of a person as they get older. Despite these factors, one should not take for granted the importance of having the right amount of nutrients in the body. It is always good to remember that having the right amount of nutrients results to a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Boost offers a solution to this with its abundance of nutrients. This nutritional drink is an excellent way in helping to meet one’s daily nutritional requirements. It is also great as a snack or as a mini-meal when one is too busy to have a full one.

The new Boost Nutritional Drink is available in three varieties: Creamy Strawberry, Very Vanilla and Rich Chocolate. This new generation beverage is now available in retail stores all over the country, with a retail price of $7.99 per 6-pack.