26784Nestle Purina is a pet food brand name. Purina became acquired by Nestlé late in the year 2001, and they were acquired together with Friskies PetCare Company.

Nestle, which is a Swiss based company bid for acquisition of Ralston Purina, which was the initial company that manufactured Purina Food Products. An agreement for a merger was met in 2001 and the shares were sold at USD 33.50 per share. The merge was aimed at bringing two experienced companies together, thereby complementing their strengths and it can be noted that ever since Nestle acquired Purina, its international presence has been more commanding than it was before. Revenues collected have surpassed expectations with hundreds of millions of USD collected as revenue. There were antitrust issues that were raised by other pet food brands and this was fuelled much by the bankruptcy called for by Koch industries. Separate diversions had to be made by the different pet foods and this was to uphold the company’s viability. All Purina brands currently are marketed by Nestle Purina PetCare, which is a division of Nestle based in St Louis.

There are other products for pets that are manufactured by Ralston Purina and such include Tidy Cats Brand popular in Canada. Since 1968, Nestle Pet Products have been accredited with the healthy nature of animals honored in the animal hall of fame, with the latest case being the story of a popular dog that paced and caught a robber.

Purina products made a name for themselves in the animal food world by providing balanced nutrition that keeps animals healthy and happy. Some of their products helped the longevity of horses, and another helped pigs produce healthier piglets. Nestle owns the pet food division of Purina and they continue to fund research into the nutritional needs of companion animals. Purina produces a number of pet food products, focused mainly dry and wet dog and cat foods that are available in grocery stores and pet supply stores.


Purina Products

Purina One: Dry and wet food for dogs and cats

Pro Plan: Dry and wet food for dogs and cats

Beneful: Dry and wet dog food and snacks

Dog Chow: Dry food

Just Right: Dry food

Veterinary Diets: Dry and wet food for dogs and cats

Alpo: Dry and wet dog food

Mighty Dog: Wet dog food

Moist & Meaty: Moist dog food

Snacks and Treats: Beggin’, T-Bonz, Waggin’ Train, Alpo Variety Snaps

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