breakstonesBreakstone’s is a popular cheese brand name in the United States manufactured by Kraft Foods.

Breakstone’s was first introduced in 1882 in New York by immigrants from Lithuania. The two immigrants who were brothers were known as Joseph Isaac Breakstone. When in New York, the brothers decided to indulge in the manufacture of dairy products, which included sour cream and cottage cheese, and this is how Breakstone’s came to be.

Breakstone’s cheese brand did not disappoint expectations of customers and for more than a century on the shelves in American kitchens, the high quality has never waivered. The product has been identified by Americans as innovative, as more and more products are introduced into the market in order to suit the convenience of consumers. Less than a decade ago, in 1997, Breakstone’s was the first to introduce a single–serving package for cottage cheese. Each package contains four individual packs of cottage cheese, each having 4-oz. in each serving. A year later, cottage doubles were introduced to the market. The doubles were meant to build on most consumers’ behavior of mixing fruits with cottage cheese and it came with two compartments, one with a fruit topping for consumers for each single-serving cheese.

Breakstone’s has established itself as one of the most respected food brands in America over the last century and the “Breakstone’s Day,” which was set aside on November 2, 2007 meant to honor the brand’s 125 years of positive contribution to society and the economy. The brand has also collected awards for best advertising campaigns, as well as other recognizable awards since its first introduction.

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