British company Panda Liquorice has recently introduced a new product to the UK market. This new product is called ‘Blueberry Liquorice.’

Although the product has already been announced to the market, it will hit stores in October. The product has not yet been fully distributed to the market, but the company already considers the launch a success.

As a company that focuses on producing healthy confectionery for consumers to enjoy, Panda Liquorice has come up with this new product. Blueberry Liquorice is a combination of the original Panda Liquorice variety and Blueberries. Blueberries are considered to super foods because of their abundant benefits to a person’s health.

In making Blueberry Liquorice, the four basic ingredients of Panda Liquorice (molasses syrup, liquorice extract, aniseed oil and wheat flour) are mixed with natural blueberry puree. The resulting product is Panda Liquorice with the unmistakable flavour of blueberries.

The company aims to target health-conscious women who are also avid snackers, as well as moms who want healthy alternative snacks for their kids. Part of this product’s promotion is an all-out marketing campaign that is focused on social media and public relations. The company is also making the most of the back-to-school days to promote the product to students. According to the company, when the product was initially introduced, the feedback from consumers was all positive, which is definitely a very good indication that this new product will be a success in the market.

Like all Panda Liquorice products, Blueberry Liquorice does not contain any artificial ingredients. This new product is also a very good snack for vegans.