Panda Licorice is a British company that produces a variety of licorice products. The company has its head offices in London, UK.


Panda Licorice was founded in 1927 and has continued to improve its product over the years. Panda Licorice’s main production facility, called the Panda Factory, is located in Finland.

Initially, Panda Licorice only had three licorice products to sell: the Multipack, Licorice cuts, and the Natural Bar. These products were sold under the Panda brand, which has now become an icon in the area of retail confectionery products.

In its early years, and even until now, the company’s soft, deceptively delicious and aromatic licorice (the original flavour) has always fascinated and drawn people. In the succeeding years, the company’s customer base grew and so Panda Licorice worked on developing new products to offer variety to consumers. From three original licorice products, the company now has more than ten varieties to offer the market. Today, Panda Licorice is considered a leader in the area of licorice products. A proof of the product’s popularity is the fact that bars of Panda Licorice have been shipped to British soldiers engaged in the Taliban fight. The British soldiers loved the licorice bars so much that they always have a constant supply.

The company’s secret to producing its popular and delicious licorice lies in four ingredients and how they are cooked. These simple ingredients: wheat flour, aniseed oil, molasses syrup and licorice extract, are cooked in a traditional and impressive way to bring about the best possible combination of flavours. All of Panda Licorice’s products are free from artificial flavour, colour or preservatives. Being a company committed to producing only all-natural products has gained it a loyal customer base, who continually buy licorice for the entire family’s enjoyment. Because of the licorice’s all natural ingredients, consumers consider the company’s confectionery healthy. Today, as more and more consumers prefer food that does not contain artificial ingredients, the company’s customer base is slowly, but steadily growing.

The company’s licorice is considered unique, from its star shape cut to the panda logo on its pack. Also, the licorice has always been considered a food that benefits the body, with its ability to reduce stress and relax the body. A number of celebrities have even become licorice lovers because of its delicious taste and health benefits. Among these stars include Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey and Heston Blumental.

Headquarters: London,UK
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: stockists, retail confectionery consumers


Panda Liquorice

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