Kingsmill, one of the UK’s popular brands of bread, has launched a new range of bread alternatives to the market. The new products are known as Kingsmill® Toasting Waffles, Kingsmill® Wraps, Kingsmill® Deli Softs and Kingsmill® Pockets.

Bakery favourites have been a growing market in the UK, with a 12.2% growth for the last 12 weeks. As a response to this increasing consumer demand, Kingsmill® has come up with these new products for consumers to enjoy. These new bread alternatives have been rolled out to various retail stores in the UK. Makers of the Kingsmill® brand hope that with these new products, retailers can capitalize on the this increasing trend, drive growth in the area of bakery goods and maximize their profits in the process.

Kingsmill® Toasting Waffles have been created especially for those waffle lovers who frequent the convenience section of stores for food that is easy-to-prepare and ready-to-eat. Statistics have shown that waffles are considered a bakery favourite, with an increase in its sales of 8.5% from last year. These toasting waffles can be eaten alone or with toppings.

Aside from Kingsmill® Toasting Waffles, the three other new varieties were also created with consumer’s convenience in mind. All these new products from Kingsmill have been created to offer different varieties of lunch solutions that the family will be able to enjoy. Statistics have also shown that people who eat bakery favourites during breakfast are also increasing, with a 7.8% growth. Thus, aside from lunch, these new bread alternatives (which are also considered bakery favourites) from Kingsmill® will also make a great addition to every breakfast meal.