Food giant Kraft Foods, Inc. has recently introduced a new kind of baked product to the US market. Known as Newtons® Fruit Thins, this new product is made from real fruits and whole grains, a healthy snack for people of all ages.

The Fruit Thins are baked cookies which are crispy and deliciously thin. A large part of the product’s ingredients are real fruit mixed with significant amounts of whole grains. Every serving of Fruit Thins contains 8 grams of fiber-rich whole grains.

Newtons® Fruit Thins are available in four varieties: “Cranberry Citrus Oat,” “Blueberry Brown Sugar,” “Fig and Honey” and “Chocolate Raspberry.” The “Cranberry Citrus Oat” variety is a combination of cranberries, citrus flavor, and whole grain oats. The “Blueberry Brown Sugar” variety is a combination of whole grains, brown sugar and blueberries. The “Fig & Honey” variety is a combination of real figs, a hint of honey, whole grains and sweet raisins. The “Chocolate Raspberry” variety is a combination of raspberries, whole grains and added with just enough chocolate to make it chocolatey, yet fruity.

According to Tara Rutan, Newtons brand manager, the launching of this new product signifies a new day for the brand. Rutan also added that people who have been patronizing the Newtons brand will testify that real fruit is one of the things that makes these crispy, thin cookies unique.

Newtons is a popular brand of biscuits and cookies produced by Nabisco, which is a subsidiary of Kraft Foods, Inc. Other products under the Newton label include Newtons® Original Fig and Newtons® Fruit Crisps.