British food company New Covent Garden has recently launched a new product in preparation for the coming Halloween. This new addition to the company’s product line is called “Souper Natural.”

Souper Natural is a soup variety made from a combination of pumpkin, paprika and red peppers. The launching of this new soup is aimed at inspiring consumers to “stir up a storm” in their cooking cauldrons and get into the spirit of Halloween.

According the company’s Marketing Director Nigel Parrott, Souper Natural will be one of the year’s best sellers, as it encourages people to enjoy the delicious taste of seasonal pumpkins with a twist of autumn. Parrott added that, as Halloween is an occasion enjoyed by people of all ages, this new soup will surely add to their reasons for enjoyment. Souper Natural comes in spooky packaging that is eye catching and bold. The packaging alone is sure to catch consumers’ attention.

Souper Natural also features an on-the-pack reference to the company’s new campaign via social media. In this campaign, consumers are urged to submit recipes that are based on a specified theme. The recipes will be submitted to New Covent Garden’s website and will then have a chance to be voted as soup of the month in the future. So far, themes that have been included are Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.

Souper Natural will be available by the last weeks of October with a retail price of £2. This new soup will be available in all major retail stores and independent food stores all over the country.