Texas-based Frito-Lay has just launched its new spicy offerings to the retail snack market. Frito-Lay’s North American division has taken spicy snacking to a higher level with a new Cheetos and Doritos spicy flavor, Fiery Fusion.

The Fiery Fusion offerings give snackers the latest development in the Frito-Lay range of spicy snacks. This new spicy variant offers with a one of a kind combination of flavor and heat created to reflect the changing preferences in taste of consumers all over the world. Unlike other spicy snack foods that are available, Cheetos and Doritos Fiery Fusion offers a unique mix of cheeses, spices and herbs. This combination is then added with a mix of cayenne pepper, paprika and vinegar, to give that slow-burning heat that will distinguish Fiery Fusion from the rest. This combination of heat delivers a new and stimulating experience in taste delivered by Frito-Lay’s best-loved brands.

According to Frito-Lay’s Vice President of Marketing, Tony Matta, the creation of the fiery fusion variant is the company’s answer to its customers who are asking for that intense flavor experience, and those customers who want more than just pure heat in their snack food. Matta added that the company is proud to claim that the fiery fusion variety is able to fulfill these consumer demands for a new kind of spicy snack.

Doritos Fiery Fusion is available in 3.375-ounce bags while Cheetos Fiery Fusion is available in 3.75-ounce bags. Both are sold at $1.49 SRP. Both fiery fusion snack foods are now available in a number of retail stores all over the country.