California-based food giant Nestlé USA has recently introduced a new product under the Skinny Cow® label. These new products are Skinny Cow® Candy.

It has long been a widespread belief that what a brief moment on the lips is equivalent to a lifetime in the hips. The belief basically means that treats like chocolates and sweets, no matter how delicious they may be and how enjoyable they are, will only add to the excess fat and weight that commonly accumulates on the hips, making them wider, which can be unflattering most of the time, especially for women.

Nestlé’s Skinny Cow® brand was created to disprove this long-time belief. All products under the Skinny Cow® label are all low in fat and yet delightfully delicious. Proof of just how good Skinny Cow® products are is the fact that it is one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite brands when it comes to frozen treats.

Previously, the Skinny Cow® label only offered ice cream products. Recently however, its parent company Nestlé has come up with a chocolate candy that can be appropriately labelled a Skinny Cow® product. This new chocolate candy only has about 110 to 120 calories per serving, a perfect treat for those who cannot stand not eating something chocolaty everyday.

Skinny Cow® Chocolate Candy is available in four flavours, including the Dreamy Cluster variety and the Heavenly Crisps variety. The Dreamy Cluster variety is made of bite-sized treats mixed with crunchy crisps and then drenched in caramel. The ingredients are then covered with either dark or milk chocolate. The Heavenly Crisps variety features delicate wafers that are layered with either peanut butter or chocolate, and then drenched in a coating of chocolate.

Suggested price for these new treats is $0.99 per single pack or $4.29 for a six-pack box.