Schwartz is a popular brand of a wide variety of herbs and spices. Despite having most of its operations in the UK, Schwartz’ products are also exported to different parts of the world. Schwartz is a subsidiary of spice and herb giant McCormick and Co.


William Schwartz created the Schwartz brand in 1889. Schwartz’s son,  also named William, was the first in Canada to market pure spices. During that time, most spices sold were compound spices, like ginger mixed with flour or ginger mixed with cornmeal. Even then, William Schwartz was already meticulous about the quality of the spices that he sold, picking only the best.

In 1924, William Schwartz was succeeded by his son, again another William in the family. William H.C. Schwartz became managing director and president of Schwartz in that year and it was the beginning of rapid expansion for the company. By the 1930’s, Schwartz was already marketing its herbs and spices to more than 50 countries.

In the 1950’s, the “S” trademark was introduced to the market, signifying the Schwartz brand. In 1959, Schwartz products began to be sold in the British market through the Jenks Brothers Foods as its distributor. In 1967, Jenks Brothers went into a joint venture with WH Schwartz to create a new company named Schwartz Spices UK Limited.

In 1974, Jenks Brothers was acquired by R. Paterson and Sons Ltd. Six years later, Schwartz spices was wholly owned by R. Paterson and Sons. Beginning in 1984 and up to the present, the Schwartz label has been owned by McCormick and Co. Currently, McCormick products sold in the UK are not branded as McCormick but rather as Schwartz.

Today, the Schwartz brand offers about 15 varieties of herbs and 28 varieties of spices all over the world. These herbs and spices are sourced from different parts of the areas from growers that produce the best quality herbs and spices available. To further implement its commitment to purchasing directly from source countries, its parent company McCormick has created a team, named “McCormick Global Sourcing Ingredients Organization.” One of the responsibilities of this team is to ensure that the vendors have the proper certifications. This spice buying team has combined years of experience of more than 100 years, which will assure the buying public that the McCormick and Schwartz products are the best quality possible, as they have been picked by experts in the area of herbs and spices.

Headquarters: Buckinghamshire, UK
Ownership Type: subsidiary of McCormick and Co.
Geography: worldwide
Demography: retail herbs and spices consumers



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