Minneapolis-based food manufacturing company General Mills has added two new pasta varieties to its Green Giant product line. This new product, “Valley Fresh Steamers Vegetables with Pasta”, has just been recently introduced to the market.

This new pasta and veggies product features new steam-in-bag technology and is made from 100% natural ingredients. It only takes seven minutes to prepare the product, which makes it a very convenient and family-friendly meal. The steam-in-the-bag technology helps make the product a lot easier to serve. Preparation is not messy, and there are no pans to clean, saving homemakers a lot of time preparing and cleaning after the meal.

“Valley Fresh Steamers Vegetables with Pasta” is a combination of creamy sauces and vegetables which have been freshly steamed. What also makes this product special is that steamed vegetables are combined to your favorite pasta meals. Every pack contains 2 ¼ cups, or 244 grams, equivalent to two servings.

This pasta and steamed vegetables product is available in two varieties: Macaroni & Cheese with Broccoli (a combination of elbow macaroni and broccoli in a rich cheese sauce), and  Pasta & Vegetables with Alfredo Sauce (a combination of corkscrew pasta, broccoli and carrots in a rich Alfredo sauce).

According to Green Giant marketing manager Yumi Clevenger-Lee, the company is excited to implement all the feedback that it was getting from consumers. When asked about variety they would want to have added to the steamed frozen mixes range, a majority of consumers answered pasta, and thus the birth of the pasta and steamed vegetables variety. This new product is now available in the market for $2.39 a pack.