4 Seasons Coffee Company is a privately owned coffee house and coffee roastery headquartered in Spokane, Washington, USA.


4 Seasons Coffee Company was founded in 1976. Leslie and Tom Hutchinson, founders of the business, moved from San Francisco to Spokane, Washington with the goal of opening the first coffee roastery/coffee house in all of Eastern Washington.

Leslie and Tom both wanted to provide customers with a gratifying and unique experience with every cup of coffee that they offer.  To ensure that they achieve this goal, they make sure that their coffees are roasted perfectly and that the quality of these coffees is exquisite.

4 Seasons Coffee Company sources its coffees from some of the finest coffee-growing regions all over the world. The company selects only the finest Arabica coffees and implements hands-on roasting in small batches. Roasting the coffees in small batches results in coffees that highlight their uniqueness in acidity, body and flavor  It also helps ensure that the resulting roasted coffees are of great quality.

The company’s philosophy of customers experiencing artisan coffee remains strong as ever. Despite being in business for over 27 years, 4 Seasons Coffee Company continues to provide an atmosphere of conviviality and warmth. The Coffee House has become a meeting place for gatherings and meetings, with its old world feel of leisure never failing to make every customer relax.

To promote the coffee house and the company’s coffees, the company introduced mascot Java Joe. Java Joe can be seen in the company’s logo, flying his plane to regions where great coffee can be found. Java Joe the mascot serves as a reminder to consumers that 4 Seasons Coffee Company scours the world to find the best coffee beans available.

When there was an increasing demand for premium freshly-roasted coffees, 4 Seasons Coffee Company began to offer wholesaling. The company supplies wholesale coffee to espresso drive-thrus, coffee retail stores, and restaurants. To accommodate more orders, the company moved to a new roasting facility, one which has a larger area. Today, 4 Seasons Coffee Company offers specialty coffees for everyone who wants to purchase it. Aside from its premium coffees, customers can also order 4 Seasons Coffee t-shirts and other merchandise on its online shop.

Headquarters: Spokane,Washington
Ownership Type:  Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Retail coffee consumers

4 Seasons Coffee

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