nestle-nido-1-kinder-800gFor mothers thinking of the best probable ways to express their love to their infants, the solution is no further than Nestle Nido. Nido is a brand recognized for over six decades for offering mothers the perfect and nutritious fortified baby milk that ensures for their healthy growth.

Nido has been in existence in the market for over 65 years and within that time has provided millions of mothers in America and around the globe with valuable nutritional options that their kids need for growth. For those six decades, Nido has successfully continued to rise generations of strong kids helping them have the best foundation as possible to help them achieve their goals in life. Nido was launched in 1944, in 1978 Nido instant milk was launched and two decades later it was acquired by Nestle. In a bid to increase its market share and make it available all around the world, Nestle developed a plant in the Middle East and after a warm reception, another factory was set up in Dubai. New varieties have been introduced within that time frame and other varieties have been re-launched, all in a bid to improve the products to fit the demands of the current market.

The Nestle Nido Kinder 1+ is meant for kids who have just attained their first year. The product has been formulated to help infants maintain a healthy digestive system, as well provide them with essential acids that help in their growth and development. Once a child attains 3 years, you can stop with the Kinder 1+ and consider other products such as nestle Nido Fortificada and Nestle Nido Esencial.

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