Atlanta Corporation announced, last June 14, a recall for cheeses under the Royal Blue Stilton® brand. The said cheese product was recalled because of a possible contamination by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes.

The possible contamination was found out after Atalanta Corporation tested the cheese product. The company performed a random test after knowing of another cheese importer issuing a product recall on cheese products that were processed by the same English dairy. The test showed that Listeria monocytogenes was present in some of the products tested.

Listeria monocytogenes is a bacteria that is considered harmful to the body. Common symptoms exhibited by people infected with this bacteria include fever, stiffness, diarrhea and stomach pains, severe headache and nausea. Listeria can also cause miscarriages in pregnant women, and even stillbirths. No health emergencies have been reported that are connected to the recalled cheeses, however.

When sold in retail stores, this product is usually cut in random weights. Indicated on the product’s label are Royal Blue Stilton®, “Keep Refrigerated” and that it is a product imported from England. The product’s label can be distinguished by a small English flag that is circular and is located at the upper left part of the label. The cheese product’s English dairy is Quenby Hall and the product’s exporter is Coombe Castle. It is important to take note however, that not all of Coombe Castle’s exported cheeses are from Quenby Hall and thus are not affected by this recall.

All the remaining stock of the recalled cheese have been put into quarantine and will be for disposal under the supervision of the FDA. Customers who were able to buy the said cheese should dispose of it or return it at the store for a refund. For inquiries regarding the recall, customers may call 908-351-8000, from 9 am to 5 pm, EST.