Food company Ocean Spray has recently announced a limited voluntary recall on specific batches of its Craisins® product. The Craisins® are being recalled because of the possible presence of minute hair-like fragments of metal, which can cause injury to consumers of the product.

These Original-Flavored Craisins®, also known as “Sweetened Dried Cranberries,” were sold in various sizes, as well as in 10-pound bulk packages. The product was sold in 5-ounce, 10-ounce and 48-ounce retail packs. UPC codes that are included in the recall are the following: 00293-000, 29456-000, 29464-000, 00678-318, 03477-000. “Best by” dates included in the recall are the following: Oct-27-2012M, Oct-28-2012M, Oct-29-2012M, Oct-30-2013M, Oct-31-2013M, Nov-4-2012M, Nov-5-2012M, Nov-6-2012M, Nov-7-2012M, Nov-10-2012M, Nov-11-2012M, Nov-1-2013 and Nov-5-2013.

Ingestion of metal particles, regardless of how very small they may be, can be harmful to the body. The metal particles can cause serious medical emergencies to the consumer. To date however, no medical emergencies linked to the recalled product have been reported. There have been no reported complaints regarding the recalled product. Ocean Spray implemented the voluntary recall out of caution, in order to make sure that consumers are safe. The company emphasizes that aside from the batches specified, no other Ocean Spray product is affected by the recall.

Consumers who were able to purchase the recalled Craisins® are advised to take note of the “best by” date and its UPC code, and then dispose of it. In order to receive a coupon replacement, consumers who bought the recalled product are advised to call 1-800-662-3263 (Ocean Spray’s hotline).