ohlyOhly® is a worldwide leading supplier of yeast-based specialty powders and flavors for the food, health, biotechnology and feeds market. It is a subsidiary company of ABF Ingredients and has its American headquarters in Minnesota, USA.


Before becoming Ohly®, the company’s Hutchinson, Minnesota facility was once a creamery known as the Hutchinson CO-OP Creamery and  supplied dairy products to the region. In 1974, the creamery was converted into a drying plant for a newly built yeast fermentation facility. In 1989, the Burns Philip Group acquired the company and its facilities and named it Pure Culture Products.

In 1992, the company started producing spray-dried vinegar. This product was sold as acidulants and flavorings for various dry mixes in the food industry. A year later, Burns Philip acquired Provesta Corporation, another yeast fermentation plant. All of Provesta’s products were then manufactured in the Hutchinson plant.

In 1994, Burns Philip was able to acquire Deutsche Hefewerke GmbH. In the same year, a collaboration between Deutsche Hefewerke and Provesta led to the formation of the Ohly business.

In 2004, parts of the Burns Philip Group (including Deutsche Hefewerke and Provesta) were acquired by ABF Ingredients. In 2005, ABF combined Provesta with the Specialty Powders department of AC Humko (one of ABF’s subsidiaries) for the purpose of focusing and expanding the company’s specialty foods product line. With this, Provesta Flavors, Deutsche Hefewerke and Protein Form became ABF Ingredient’s Protein Division.

In 2007, Provesta and Deutsche Hefewerke were merged and started operating under the Ohly® brand. This was done in order for the company to better meet market needs. Also in 2007, Ohly® started construction on a yeast extract facility in Harbin, China.  In January of 2011, Ohly® completed its acquisition of Bakon Yeast Incorporated.

Currently, Ohly® is considered a leader when it comes to providing yeast extracts, specialty powders and hydrolysates to the food, nutraceuticals, feeds and biotechnology markets worldwide. The company currently has two manufacturing facilities in Germany and one manufacturing facility in the United States. Ohly® has sales operations not only in the United States, but also in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, a proof of just how far the company has expanded and grown.



Headquarters: Hutchinson, Minnesota (customer contact)
Ownership Type: a subsidiary of ABF Ingredients
Employees: information not available
Geography: USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia
Demography: food, health, biotechnology and feeds markets


Ohly®, Provesta®, Bakon®, ProDry

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