California-based Sunset Growers, Incorporated recently introduced its latest product to the market, the D’Noir Prunes.

Every pack of D’Noir Prunes contains fresh, delicious and juicy prunes. Sunsweet Growers is even proud to say that prune lovers or otherwise will find D’Noir Prunes the best-tasting prunes ever. These prunes are taken from the company’s California orchards. Sunsweet’s growers cultivate select plums until they are fully mature in order to meet D’Noir standards. The plums are then packed moist, pure and tender. D’Noir Prunes take pride in being free from preservatives. Consumers who try these prunes will be able to differentiate the natural taste of freshness, as well as get the full nutritional benefits that these prunes bring.

D’Noir Prunes contain whole-fruit antioxidants that have a major role in preventing a number of diseases, like certain types of cancers. Antioxidants also help slow the skin’s aging process. Aside from antioxidants, prunes are also a rich source of natural fiber that helps in healthy digestion, as well as keeps the body from being hungry often. The potassium that is found in prunes help the heart achieve a healthy condition, as well as increase the body’s energy levels.

D’Noir Prunes can be eaten as part of one’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. These prunes can be mixed with almonds, dropped into any flavor of yogurt or can be used as toppings to a bowl of ice cream. D’Noir Prunes can also be eaten with some dark chocolate.

According to Sunsweet Grower’s COO, the company took a long time just to ensure that they would be able to give their customers excellent quality prunes that are free from preservatives.

D’Noir Prunes are now available in retail stores nationwide with a retail price of $3.29 per pack.