imagesOld Spice is the brand name for an entire line of men’s grooming products in the Procter and Gamble family. The line has expanded from the original men’s cologne and now offers other fragrances, shaving creams and gel, bar soaps, deodorants, body wash and spray items, as well as hair care and styling items all under the name Old Spice.

The man’s after-shave cologne that was created by William Lightfoot Schultz in 1937, after he had created a similar scented women’s cologne. The men’s fragrance became more popular and the women’s line was discontinued and Old Spice was produced by Shulton and Shulton until it was acquired by Procter and Gamble in 1990. The nautical themed branding, along with the white, buoy shaped container, was immensely popular, conveying a rugged, manly fragrance. It was produced in the classic glass bottle with the red lettering and sailing ship logo until 2008, when the bottle became plastic, the grey stoppers turned red and the original scent was renamed “Classic.”

Currently, the Old Spice line offers numerous items in a variety of categories: fragrances, shaving products, body washes and sprays, hair care items, and deodorants. There are numerous “scent” families as well, including Classic, Champion, Artic Force, Aqua Reef, Red Zone, and High Endurance. The ad campaigns have been unusual in the past few years, including ones with male models (such as African American Isaiah Mustafa) riding horses on beaches with the tag “Smell like a man, man.” The most recent are mothers appearing unexpectedly in situations to monitor their sons who recently started to use Old Spice and are suddenly attracting women. These ads have boosted sales of the line 106% in recent years. Another trend with the product has been the increased use by women who like the nostalgic smell of the cologne. The recognizable nautical “whistled melody” is a signature part of all media commercials, except for those aired in the UK, Australia, India and South Africa. Other ads encourage men to “Believe in Your Smellf.”


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