braunBraun started as a small engineering firm back in 1960 and has grown to become an international brand since then. Max Braun established Braun in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1921. Braun later became part of the Gillette Company in 1967. Procter and Gamble later acquired Braun in 2005 for an estimated value of over 20 billion US dollars. The headquarters for the brand is located at Kronberg and this also home to the Global Centre of Excellence for devices. Braun is currently the global market leader for the production and of foil shavers, epilators, and hand blenders.

The company has five manufacturing plants in Germany, China and Ireland. The company has over 4000 employees worldwide. Dieter Rams, who is a world-renowned industrial designer, embedded the excellent design and product quality followed by Braun. He is known for the phrase “Less but better.” The designs by Dieter Rams revolutionized the world of design because they have formed a baseline for some of the sophisticated designs that we see in the market today. Some of his designs now appear in museums around the world such as the MoMa in New York.

Some of the recent innovations by the company include the following:

Braun Series 7 men’s shaver that offers Opti-Foil, built to last seven years and comes with the advanced cleaning holder that cleans, lubricates, dries and charges with the push of a button.

Braun Satin Hair Active Ion Brush that provides Ion technology that gives instant smoothness and shine, removes static, fights frizz and is perfectly portable and gentle to hair.

Braun Multiquick 7, a cordless hand blender, great for mixing smoothies, other beverages and whips up instant pudding in a flash.

Braun Silk-épil 7 epilator, wet & dry, provides easy and gentle hair removal for women.

Braun BodycruZer is one of the world’s first body groomers that combines electric trimmers and the Gillette blade.

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