Nowadays, more and more shoppers turn to the Internet and browse over daily deal sites to collect their coupons electronically.

Sites like or and their increasing number of Twitter followers ( 54,000 for LivingSocial and 39,000 for Groupon) is proof of this online couponing trend. This is not a bad thing either, because everyone seems to benefit from it. First, business owners are able to use a cost effective and easy tool that works. Second, consumers get great deals and bargains from business owners online. Third, the website gets a large increase in traffic as a result of more and more people visiting the sites hunting for online coupons.

Because of this development in online couponing, daily deal sites have also been coming up with additional services for their customers. For instance, LivingSocial recently launched a campaign in the state of New York where lunch is offered for a dollar. Participating merchants are those located on 3rd Avenue, between streets 27 and 31. Also, a new site was launched recently by Mindsoft, LLC, which is called SavingPass. Basically, SavingPass is an aggregate site which contains a number of great deals that shoppers can get from browsing different daily deals sites like Groupon and the likes. This new site offers deals from Groupon, Tippr, PlumDistrict, Amazon and more.

With this, it seems that online couponing has become more popular than conventional coupon clipping. Time can only tell whether this trend will continue to last or if shoppers go back to cutting coupons because it is easier and more effective.