On August 8, Florida-based food company Xymogen® announced a recall for three varieties of its OrganiX Bars. The recall was made because it was found that the bars might contain peanut protein, an ingredient not declared on the products’ packaging.

The problem was found after one batch of cashew butter from last year was tested. Results of the analysis showed that the sample contained peanut proteins. According to Xymogen®, they were not informed by the supplier that the product possibly contained peanut protein, and did not indicate it on the packaging.

Xymogen® stresses that not all of the company’s products are under recall but only those with the following specifications:

Product Description                  –                  Lot Number                 –                     UPC code               –              Expiry Date
Spice Bars                                       –                    1072110                     –               871149001612         –             July 21, 2011
–                    2072110                     –               871149001612         –             July 21, 2011
Greens                                              –                    4072110                     –               871149001629         –             July 21, 2011
–                    5072110                     –               871149001629         –             July 21, 2011
Omega-3                                          –                    1083110                      –               871149001636         –            Aug. 31, 2011

The affected bars were distributed all over the country via mail orders from August 4 of last year until April 19 of this year. The bars were distributed in boxes. Each box contained 12 bars, each bar having a net weight of 50 grams. The products’ lot code is indicated on the wrapper, as well as on the top left side of the retail box.

Peanut, in all of its forms, is considered a common food allergen. People who are hypersensitive to it may suffer from an allergy attack. In some cases, this allergy attack can turn into something more serious, especially if the allergy sufferer already has existing medical conditions or has a weak immune system.

Xymogen® has sent a notification of recall to all customers who bought the recalled food bars. Customers can then choose to return the product and they will be given full rebate. For any questions, customers can call 1-800-647-6100.