Pacific CheesePacific Cheese Co. is a leading natural cheese supplier in the U.S. The company is currently headquartered at Hayward, California.

Pacific Cheese Co. was founded by June and Ray Gaddis in 1970. The company started with only five employees and was just operating as a small brokerage for cheese. After a few years, the company became the original supplier for a variety of cheeses on the west coast. Because Pacific Cheese was a pioneer in the cheese industry, it became an instrument to the expansion of the industry in the state of California.

As the company grew, so did its lines of service. Currently, not only does it supply cheeses to a number of foodservice companies like restaurants, it also supplies cheeses to a number of food manufacturers and retailers. A lot of the cheese that the company supplies is sold to consumers as private label products that are owned by retailers. As part of its service, Pacific Cheese Co provides assistance for the development of new products, solutions for efficient shipping, risk management, and basically all that needs to be learned in order to succeed and thrive in the food industry.

Today, Pacific Cheese Co. is considered to be a leader in supplying the country with natural cheeses that are of premier quality. The company is currently being run by Steve Gaddis, a second generation member of the Gaddis Family.

Since the day that it was founded, Pacific Cheese’s main mission is to provide its customers with a combination of products specialized to support their needs. Part of the company’s success is its implementation of world-class standards in food safety, as well as the implementation of programs to assure excellent quality.

Among the wide variety of cheeses that the company offers are commodity cheeses, gourmet and specialty cheeses, Hispanic-style cheeses and internationally imported cheeses. Its cheese categories include blue-veined cheeses (Gorgonzola and traditional blue cheese), Pasta Fillatas (Provolone and Mozzarella), soft-ripened and fresh cheeses (Brie and Ricotta), and hard and semi-hard cheeses (Parmesan and Cheddar). These cheese products are available in different cuts. Conventional cheeses that the company offers include organic, milk (free from growth hormones, rBST-free) and kosher.

Headquarters: Hayward, California
Ownership Type: Private
No. of Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: food manufacturing companies, restaurants, food retailers

Most of the cheeses that are produced by the company are not labeled Pacific Cheese, as these go to retailers and become private label brands.

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