pantenePantene is a Proctor and Gamble products and is associated with hair care products. The brand name is derived from “penthanol,” which is a key ingredient in the shampoo. P&G purchased Pantene brand in 1985 with the sole purpose of competing in the beauty products’ market. Prior to this, the company only dealt with functional products.

One of the most popular products that have been linked to Pantene brand is Pantene Pro-V, which is a conditioning shampoo. The product’s popularity was steered by a 1980s campaign that featured models saying “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” The first known media spokeswoman to speak the line was Kelly Lebrock. On the downside, feminists posed criticisms towards the line, and this was viewed as an annoying narcissistic act.

A notable historical event for P&G was the launch of a novel advertising campaign in 1990. The campaign involved a research study on worldwide markets. The findings of this research led to the idea of using health as the ground for a novel hair care franchise. The research showed that women considered “healthy” to be the ideal standard for hair. Women held the notion that shiny hair was healthy. The tag line coined following the research findings was “Hair So Healthy, It Shines.”

By 1994, Pantene gained immense popularity and was the world’s number one hair care brand. By this time, the brand was available in fifty five countries. By 1998, Pantene was the number one shampoo in at least ninety countries around the world. Global sales peaked to approximately one billion dollars. To date, Pantene is still one of the leading hair care brands that work on various hair types.

Pantene Product Lines

Damage Detox


Color Preserve

Advanced Keratin Repair

Ultimate 10

Hair Regrowth Treatment Products

Beautiful Lengths

Classic Care


Styling Endorsed

Pro-V Heat Shield

Nature Fusion


Everlasting Ends

Daily Moisture Renewal




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