oral bOral-B is a brand that is associated with oral hygiene items like toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental floss, and mouthwashes.

The first nylon bristle toothbrush in the world was invented by Henry Sargol, an Oral-B originator. Consequently, the popularity of the toothbrush was enhanced. In 1950, Henry Sargol again contributed by patenting the first toothbrush by Oral-B in the United States. Considering the continued popularity of Oral-B, it wasn’t surprising for it to be the first toothbrush to land on the moon. The Oral-B brand name was developed by Henry Sargol. The name Oral-B 60 was given to the first product based on the fact that there were 60 tuffs in the brush.

In 1984, Oral-B was acquired by the Gillette group. The Oral-B electronic toothbrushes’ brand was also utilized by Braun. In 2006, P&G acquired Oral-B with the purchase of Gillette. Additionally, it is essential to acknowledge that the letter “B” in the brand name, Oral-B, represents “brush.” The first Smartphone-connected toothbrush to be marketed under Oral-B was developed by P&G in 2014. There is a Bluetooth function that is linked to a phone application and programmed in such a way that a dentist helps people to improve the technique used in brushing.

Today, Oral-B comes in a wide range of manual and power brushes. The first category is the Precision Clean, which features TriZone. TriZone is known for its average sized brush head with an elongated tip head to penetrate hard to reach dental areas. It has long and short bristles, each performing a specific role. The second category is Professional Series, which comprises of four major groups. These are Professional, Triumph, TriZone and the Pulsonic.

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