Au Petit Goret is a privately owned Canadian meat processing company specializing in the transformation of meat and the manufacturing of high-end deli meat products.

Au Petit Goret was established in 1979. For over 30 years, Petit Goret has created a loyal customer base and has earned a place in the processed meat and deli industry. The company’s facility is HACCP-certified, and is equipped with the latest technology available. The technology supports the implementation of programs that will ensure the quality of its products and satisfy demanding markets. The company’s facility also contains an air-controlled room for packaging, allowing for better management of air purity, thorough control of bacteria, and hygiene in general.

Au Petit Goret places great importance on research and development. The company believes in programs for improvement and the development of new products. Au Petit Goret is aware of the great demands of consumers and clients, as well as the industry’s competitiveness in meeting these demands. People working at Petit Goret are devoted to offering consumers the best products at competitive prices.

Au Petit Goret’s products are delivered from their transformation plant straight to Canada’s main cities. These products are later distributed to retailers, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and institutions. Au Petit Goret also delivers its products internationally, straight from their facilities to ports in different parts of the world.

Among Au Petit Goret’s deli meats are bacon, different kinds of hams (old fashioned, maple sugar, black forest, toupee, tin-end, and cooked), and deli beef (such as old-fashioned smoked meat and pastrami bottom round). To produce these deli meats, the company uses only fresh meat, with the best cuts available. This meat is combined with natural ingredients, and preserved using traditional maple wood. What results is a high-quality smoked product that consumers from Canada and other countries can enjoy. The company’s group of specialists carefully control every step of the production process in order to ensure excellent quality of the finished products.

Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography:Canada, worldwide
Demography: Foodservice operators, retail food consumers, retail food stores

Petit Goret

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