Ohio-based company Ohio Processors, Inc. has announced a voluntary recall on its Instantwhip B/C Topping. This product is being recalled because of the presence of food allergens that have not been declared on the product’s packaging.

The problem was discovered after it was found that wrong packaging was supplied by a supplier. After discovery of the problem, the company immediately initiated the recall.

Specific information on the recalled whipped topping have the following codes: 060, 124, 145, 179, 193, 256, 313, 080,143, 167, 188, 244, and 300. Affected expiration codes are the following: 12/16/11, 12/21/11, 12/28/11, 12/30/11, 1/7/12, 1/12/12. The recalled product is contained in ½-gallon containers only, and is not intended for retail. The whipped topping was distributed to Instantwhip Foodservice Distributors in the areas of Ohio, New York, Indiana, Michigan, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Milk, in all of its forms, is considered a common allergen. People who have a hypersensitivity to it might experience an allergy attack after consuming food that has milk in it. Sometimes, an allergy attack could lead to serious complications, especially for people who have weakened immunities. The company is conducting this voluntary recall as an act of caution and to prevent any consumer from being harmed because of the product. Ohio Processors have already notified both customers and distributors about the recall. It is important to note however that people who are not hypersensitive to milk can still consume the recalled product.

Consumers who have any questions about the recalled product can call the company, Ohio Processors, Inc., at its hotline, 1-877-488-0816. This hotline is open from 8 AM to 5 PM, Eastern Standard Time.