British company Plusfood has introduced a new product to the UK market. Plusfoods, UK’s new product, called flattened chicken, are actually chicken breast fillets that have been described as food made “perfect for eating in.”

This flattened chicken has actually been made thin for the purpose of making a quicker dinner from it. The chicken breasts are classified as Grade A chicken meat. Aside from being classified as premium, these meats are also boneless and skinless.

This new chicken product from Plusfoods is individually frozen. Consumers can just take these fillets out and cook them without defrosting. After 20 minutes, the chicken fillets will then be ready to serve.

This new flattened chicken is a very good source of meat protein and is a naturally low-fat product. With the nutrition benefits these chicken fillets offer, as well as their convenience, it would be no wonder why the product is described as “perfect for eating in.” The chicken fillets are promoted by the company as a healthy food option that is also convenient.

Plusfoods hopes that this new chicken fillet product will appeal to consumers, one where they would always stock some in the freezer for cooking, especially when having to think of cooking up something is a struggle. Aside from the flattened chicken fillets, the company also has other products that are aimed at improving every consumer’s Plusfood experience. Tesco has been the first major retail store in the country to market the product in 500-gram packs. Suggested retail price for the flattened chicken is £3.49.