Gorno’s Specialty Foods Ltd is a British food company engaged in the production of a variety of food products such as cheeses, pastrami and cooked meats. The company is headquartered in South Glamorgan, UK.

Gorno’s Specialty Foods was founded in the UK in 1976. The company’s founder, Franco Gorno, is also its current managing director. Gorno arrived from Italy in 1952 and got involved in the family trade of producing specialty meat products and other delicatessen items (what is termed in Italy as Salumifico). This gave him the experience and knowledge that he would soon apply when he put up his own business.

Ever since Gorno’s was established, it has developed a reputation for customer service and excellent quality products. Franco, together with his son Andy, brought the company to the success it experiences today.

The company’s specialty is the creation of pepperoni and other deli products. It also produces pizza ingredients and products. Gorno’s, since its inception, has always served many of the country’s pizzerias and restaurants with excellent quality delicatessens.

Gorno’s has always implemented modern techniques in manufacturing and has combined them with the founder’s years of experience in the production of specialty foods. At the company’s facility, the people involved in the production and quality control processes pay extra attention in making sure that the quality of spices and meats used are excellent. The company’s manufacturing process and facilities are HACCP certified.

Gorno’s has always aimed at putting its customers first. It has also aimed to provide, serve and satisfy its customers needs when it comes to specialty foods. Gorno’s takes pride in its heritage, as well as the outstanding quality of its products, which are processed at an EEC-approved factory in Cardiff.

Gorno’s currently supplies its customers in both the wholesale and retail capacity. The company has an on-site store where customers can visit and buy the company’s products. Gorno’s participates in food festivals by putting up stalls during these events. Some locations where Gorno’s has put up food stalls include Abergavenny, Neath, Margam Park, Brecon and Gorseinon. In these stalls, Gorno’s offers its traditional Italian products, which include Toulouse, Chorizo sausages, Chopped Pancetta and Pepperoni slices.

Headquarters: Cardiff, South Glamorgan
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: Retail specialty foods consumers


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