Massachusetts-based company Pure Encapsulations, Incorporated announced a recall for their prenatal nutrients products. The recall was announced on the last week of August and was made because the product may contain egg, an undeclared allergen.

The recall was immediately initiated after a customer, who was a physician, reported an allergy attack from one of her patients. Upon receiving the report, the company immediately sent samples to a third party laboratory. The samples were submitted for testing for the most common allergens. Test results showed that egg allergen was present in the sample. This is contrary to all of the allergen statements that the company has from each of its suppliers. The allergen statements indicated that the ingredients do not contain any of the eight most common allergens. Pure Encapsulations has also sent samples of reserves for each ingredient in order to determine which ingredient contained the undeclared egg allergen.

The recalled PreNatal Nutrients can be bought as 2-piece hard capsules that are contained in white-colored HDPE plastic containers. The product is sold in both 120-count bottles and 60-count bottles. Product code for 120-count bottles is PRE12 while the product code for 60-count bottles is PRE6. The recalled product is sold under the label Pure Encapsulations. Affected lot numbers of the recalled product are 3560111B or 3560111 A with a ‘best by’ date of January 2013.

Consumers who purchased the recalled products are advised to return them to the place of purchase to be given a refund. For concerns or questions regarding the recall, consumers may call 1-800-753-2277 extension 335. They can ask to speak with the company’s Vice President for Operations, Mr. Jean Gagnon.