New British ice cream maker Bessant and Drury’s has recently introduced a unique kind of ice cream to the UK market. What makes this new frozen dessert distinct from the rest is that it is primarily based on coconut milk, instead of dairy milk.

Bessant and Drury’s co-founder Steve Bessant is the one who was able to create this new ice cream. Being a fitness expert for a number of years, Bessant had always given advice to people who have sensitivities, intolerances and allergies to certain types of food. It is common knowledge that dairy (milk in particular) is a food allergen to a number of people. With this, those people are unable to enjoy food that has any form of dairy as an ingredient. Over the years, food experts have been able to come up with some alternatives for dairy, and one of them is coconut milk.

Prior to the introduction of this product, Bessant had spent over two years experimenting with coconut milk, using an ice cream maker that he borrowed. He wanted to come up with a product that would suit people, regardless of whether they were dairy intolerant or not, and use coconut milk as the base ingredient. Bessant preferred to use coconut milk as a dairy alternative because the ingredient brings a number of benefits to a person’s health.

He was finally able to come up with the coconut milk-based ice cream. He has created four varieties: vanilla, lemon, chocolate and strawberry. Bessant and Drury’s ice creams are the only ones made from coconut milk in all of UK. These ice creams are now available in select retail stores.