KetchupHeinz launched its newest product to the United States market, the Heinz® Dip & Squeeze® Ketchup.

The new squeeze and dip packaging holds three times the quantity that conventional ketchup packets hold. It also allows consumers the option to dip food into the ketchup or squeeze the ketchup out and into the food. This will offer consumers more comfort and less hassle when dealing with ketchup packets.

Part of the company’s promotion for the dip and squeeze ketchup is its partnership with the restaurant Chick-fil-A. The restaurant held a free Fryday event last March 4 to celebrate the new squeeze and dip ketchup. At the event, all customers who asked for a squeeze and dip ketchup were given a free Chick-fil-A medium fries.

Although the dip and squeeze ketchup had already been unveiled in 2010, it was only made available to retail stores nationwide in the last week of February.

Also as part of the new product’s promotion was a mobile tour where people where given samplers of the dip and squeeze ketchup, together with free fries in exchange for customer feedback.

According to John Bennett, the company’s vice president for marketing, the new product has received overwhelming positive feedback from those who were able to test it. Bennett added that what people loved the most about their new product is the functionality and convenience of the new packaging. With all the responses that they had been getting during the mobile tour, Bennett said that they are thrilled to finally make the product available in supermarkets and other grocery outlets. Heinz® Dip&Squeeze® Ketchup is now available in retail stores nationwide.