Kashi Co. has recently launched a new addition to its line of cereal products, the Golden Goodness Cereals.

The California-based company, which is a subsidiary of Kellogg Co., has been known for producing all-natural food products. Thus, consumers can expect that this new addition to its cereal product line contains only all natural ingredients and no artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners or colorings.

Kashi® Golden Goodness is made up of seven whole grains, plus the addition of baked sweet corn flakes and crispy clusters. Its flakes are processed less, as compared to the usual corn flakes. Each serving of this cereal product contains 5 grams of fiber, supplying the body with the nutrition that it needs and at the same time providing the consumer with a delicious taste they will definitely enjoy.

Golden Goodness can be mixed in with your pancake batter or yogurt to add a sweet crunch to your meal and to increase the fiber content. According to Kashi’s lifestyle and natural food expert Keegan Sheridan, Kashi® Golden Goodness contains 43 grams of whole grains for every serving. This is very near the daily recommended amount of whole grains, which is 48 grams. Sheridan added that the company is always striving to look for ways to help consumers achieve excellent health through their food products.

Also introduced by the company is Kashi® Berry Blossoms. This is a cereal product made of graham crackers mixed with an abundance of real fruits like blue, black and strawberries. Berry Blossoms offers a sweet and tangy taste to its consumers and contains 5 grams of fiber, 18 grams of whole grains and no artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Recommended retail price for Golden Goodness is $3.99 while Berry Blossoms can be sold at $3.59.